Do You Need Help?

Do You Need Help?

You might be a newcomer to competitive intelligence. When you gather and analyze information, you may well be hesitant to make any alterations in your company for fear that the analysis might be off.

A good thing for you is to find help. You will find specialists available who are able to take a look at work and determine how accurate your perceptions are. If they determine that your analysis is off, then you should probably start this process once again. If you did everything yourself, it might be time to consider outsourcing this process or getting help from your staff.

GetHelpYou may be new to competitive intelligence. Once you gather and analyze information, you may be hesitant to make any changes to your company for fear that your analysis may be off.

Your information and analysis may have alerted you to the fact that your company needs to make some major changes in order to survive. This information can come in many forms such as a competitor who is in control of a large portion of the market share.

After you gather information, the next step is to determine how you will use this information make decisions. What insights did you gain during your analysis? How will these insights determine which decisions you will make?

Data Security ConsiderationsSecurity can be a problem when it comes to protecting your data and your own company information.

Competitive Intelligence And EthicsKeep in mind that the practice of competitive intelligence is designed to be completely legal. It is not ethical to engage in illegal practices, such as espionage, to gather information. On the other side of the spectrum, how would you like it if your competition used illegal methods to gather information about you?

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