Sources Of Information

Sources Of Information

sources_of_informationKeep in mind that the government is a potential resource while gathering information, especially if they are in some way involved with your company. It is helpful to consider them as part of your industry.

Using The Internet For Competitive IntelligenceNow that there are a lot of resources on the internet, it is easy to not take advantage of their potential. Information can be found on more than just the company’s website if it is a public company.

It is important to learn how to use search engines to help you find all the information you need. Search engines are invaluable for finding information, even the basics.

In addition to utilizing search engines to gather information, there are also other places to find helpful information about your competition and the general industry. These sources will help you gain additional insights that can potentially help your company grow and minimize competitive risks.

In addition to using the free information on the internet, you can pay for database and subscription services. The advantage is that they provide a wide range of easily accessible information. This can save you time spent combing the internet piecemeal.

Though the internet is a great resource for gathering information, there are also plenty of helpful traditional sources. The best data collection strategy is one that employs techniques from both.

In order to gather information for competitive intelligence, you need to tap into a variety of resources. Even if you outsource the process, you will still want to keep informed as much as possible. Doing so will help give you insights into the industry, your competition, and the market that may give you inspiration and insights into current and future trends. If you outsource, you may be too far removed from this process.

Publications are even better than consumer magazines for finding in depth information about the competition and your industry. You can look in special newspapers, reports, trade journals, and special industry magazines.

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