The Internet

Using The Internet For Competitive IntelligenceNow that there are a lot of resources on the internet, it is easy to not take advantage of their potential. Information can be found on more than just the company’s website if it is a public company.

Here is a short list of places to look for information:

  •  The company’s website
  •  Local media outlets for press and other information
  •  Online press release distribution services ( is a major one)
  •  Associations the company may be a member of
  •  Online advertising
  •  Newspapers and magazines for information, interviews, and news about the company.
  •  Online newsletters (e-zines)
  •  Through the company’s affiliate program, if applicable
  •  Seek out online stores that maybe selling the product or service
  •  Product review sites
  •  Chamber of commerce
  •  Stock and trading information
  •  Online news sites
  •  Blogs

The goal is to determine which projects, products, or services the company is involved with. Make sure to check archives as well as current information.

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