Software Programs

UseSoftwareIn order to help gather and organize information, some people prefer to purchase software programs that specialize in competitive intelligence. Their main function is to perform automatic online sources of any relevant companies and sources in your industry.

There is a software program for just about any budget. Some are even free. Check with the Society of Competitive Intelligence professionals for advice on which software programs are considered the best. You may also want to ask their advice as to whether or not your company will benefit from such a program

A few different types of software programs are available. Some have different features and others let you customize the software to fit your needs.

Some questions to ask:

  •  What information do you need to retrieve from online sources?
  •  Where do you need the software to search?
  •  Will you need periodic reports generated?
  •  What is your budget?
  •  Is there a large learning curve to use the software?
  •  Do you have the resources and man power for a full time person or group to use the software?
  •  Is a customized program worth the money or can you fashion your own system using your current database program?
  •  Will new software truly make the process easier?

The answers to these questions will determine whether or not special software is right for your company and which program to purchase if that is your decision.

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