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Video upon SWOT Analysis

How To Perform a SWOT Analysis For Your Organization is the subject of this video.

In this Youtube video by Erica Olsen you get details on how and why you should perform a SWOT analysis as part of your organization's strategic plan. It's a whiteboard session with the goal to help you to do it by yourself. Erica explains more than just the 2x2 matrix.

{mp4}SWOT Analysis_ How to perform one for your organization{/mp4}

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Video: Competitive Intelligence Explained in 4 Minutes http://competitive-intelligence.mirum.net/competitive-intelligence-steps-an-overview/competitive-intelligence-explained-in-4-minutes.html http://competitive-intelligence.mirum.net/competitive-intelligence-steps-an-overview/competitive-intelligence-explained-in-4-minutes.html


From time to time, competitive intelligence requires some explanations to the inexperienced. Many times, it demands energy and tolerance.

On Youtube Eric Garland provides a 4 minute video explaining the essentials of Competitive Intelligence. The funny or scary part about this is, that he points out that these were real conversations.



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