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Organize The InformationThere are several different ways to organize all the information you compiled for competitive intelligence. The best system is one that is compatible with your business and your personality.

The system should be easy to access and manage by all parties involved with data and information gathering.

  • Where will the information go? First, you need to establish where the information will go. Databases work well and so do file cabinets and special boxes or safes. Do you want your approach to be technical, non-technical, or a combination?
    Designating a location for all important competitive intelligence information has a lot of benefits. Information can be gathered for presentations, market analysis, etc. If everyone has a clear idea of why a particular product or service in your company is better that will make your company stronger. Making the information accessible to everyone will help.
    There are three basic ways that you can organize the information in this manner. You can put it all in a filing cabinet, but this method tends to be cumbersome and wastes time. You can also use a database. This method is better than a filing system because it allows you to store and retrieve data quickly. Another way is to outsource or hire a consultant. They can help you understand which method is best.
  • Who is gathering the information? If there are multiple people involved with collecting the information, choose one person to be in charge of organizing it. This will make things easier and more consistent.
  • How will it be analyzed? This is also another key aspect of staying organized. If you know exactly how the information will be analyzed, it will be easier to store it. You will also understand which information you will actually need to keep and which is extra.
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Setting Up A System

Your company needs to use the gathered information to help make important decisions. Therefore, the date needs to be organized so that all relevant decision makers can access the findings.

A good system consists of:

  • Categories so the relevant data can be retrieved quickly
  • A means for being updated as often as necessary
  • Ability to create reports
  • A regular schedule of alerts and reminders
  • A special category for information that may be confidential

You can purchase special software or hire a special company to help manage all the information.

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Using Technology To Organize

Using Technology To OrganizeWhen you organize information electronically, this offers a greater potential that your employees will benefit. Here are some ways that you can use technology to organize the Competitive Intelligence information.

  • Internal websites. Using internal websites, or intranets, to organize the information has its advantages. You can protect the page with a password and make updates frequently. It is possible to link a database to the website, this making data organization even easier. If you choose this method, make sure you allow a way for people to add information fairly easily.
  • Use portals. You can utilize a portal to make certain information, databases, and websites available to certain employees. A portal allows one user to access the area with the click of a mouse.
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Software Programs

UseSoftwareIn order to help gather and organize information, some people prefer to purchase software programs that specialize in competitive intelligence. Their main function is to perform automatic online sources of any relevant companies and sources in your industry.

There is a software program for just about any budget. Some are even free. Check with the Society of Competitive Intelligence professionals for advice on which software programs are considered the best. You may also want to ask their advice as to whether or not your company will benefit from such a program

A few different types of software programs are available. Some have different features and others let you customize the software to fit your needs.

Some questions to ask:

  •  What information do you need to retrieve from online sources?
  •  Where do you need the software to search?
  •  Will you need periodic reports generated?
  •  What is your budget?
  •  Is there a large learning curve to use the software?
  •  Do you have the resources and man power for a full time person or group to use the software?
  •  Is a customized program worth the money or can you fashion your own system using your current database program?
  •  Will new software truly make the process easier?

The answers to these questions will determine whether or not special software is right for your company and which program to purchase if that is your decision.

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